five things for friday, chocolate lover’s edition

Isn’t chocolate great? I wrote this post last week, but am linking up with Heather’s Blog Hop this week since there wasn’t a link up last week and I am not writing something this week. Merry Christmas!!!

chocolate lovers unite!

In a quick google-search, I couldn’t find just how much candy is consumed during the Christmas season (all the reports were on Halloween), but let’s hope it’s not all candy canes (high fructose syrup, anyone?). Real candy lovers eat chocolate, right? And real chocolate lovers eat dark chocolate…just sayin’.

So here are five cool things relating to chocolate:

1. Hot Chocolate on a Stick

from the ticket kitchen…don’t these salted caramel cocoas look scrumptious?

The Ticket Kitchen will mail these to your door. I have totally obsessed over trying these…and someday I will. Just add milk. Or cream. Or if you are dairy intolerant like us, coconut milk, yum!

I am more of a DIY gal, though, so I’m more likely to make my own. I happened upon the original hot chocolate on a stick–here’s where it all began! AmberLee has very detailed instructions.

2. Chocolate Art.

If you are feeling misunderstood, or have an epic fail in the kitchen, have a piece of chocolate. Or at least put up this sign from etsy as a happy, subtle reminder that you have friends. Yes, Dark, White, and Bittersweet are all there for you with a shoulder to cry on morsel to suck on.

I have been saying this all week; and chuckling to myself. This my new mantra!

Someday I will have this in my kitchen. But I’ll need the kitchen first…in the meantime, don’t go buy my sign! I found it first! ;)

3. German chocolate cake.

My son celebrated his 10th birthday this week. We had family over for tin foil dinners and dessert and mulled cider. It was perfect. Anyway, you can make this two ways. I’ve done both and both have their place. The first is the totally from scratch way with this beautiful recipe from nourishing meals. My original review is here. Yep, this is the one sweetened with prunes. I don’t think my father in law believed me….And it is seriously the perfect cake.

The second way is to use 2 Pamela’s chocolate cake mixes. These are gluten free cake mixes and work well in a pinch. The cool thing about Pamela’s is that there are like 7 ingredients and I can pronounce them all!

I like to decorate them different ways. Did you know that a true German chocolate cake involves a chocolate layer either on the sides or drizzled on top? I made this one with the layer smeared, er, frosted on the sides under the coconut frosting.

This time, I made it with chocolate ganache poured over the top and the coconut frosting as filling in the middle. Yum.

The frosting is to-die-for. Elana at Elana’s Pantry whipped it up and it is perfection every time I make it. I am going to frost one like hers someday…

This is my eldest son’s and husband’s favorite dessert, but it is special so I make it only 2 or 3 times a year. Here he is on his big day:

I have a ten year old!!!


4. Chocolate on my Cranium.

Can’t get more chocolatey than Cocoa over at Chocolate on my Cranium. She is one smooooth chocolate lady. From {nick}naming her family members after chocolate, (BonBon, Hershey, ect.) to including chocolate chips in her food storage (genius!), to having a blog bearing such a title, how could I not mention her? Cocoa made the coolest infograph Christmas card this year, in which she reveals that her family “devoured” 125 pounds of chocolate chips this year! (Can I come live with you, Cocoa?) If you haven’t yet, check out her blog. She is one sweet gal. I have enjoyed her blog for a few years now. I’ve even used some of her tutorials and lesson ideas.

5. The Chocolate Touch, by Patrick Skene Catling

From Amazon: John Midas loves chocolate. He loves it so much that he′ll eat it any hour of any day. He doesn′t care if he ruins his appetite. He thinks chocolate is better than any other food! But one day, after wandering into a candy store and buying a piece of their best chocolate, John finds out that there might just be such a thing as too much chocolate. . . .

Unlike many children’s books these days, this one actually has a moral. There is such a thing as too much chocolate, as so many of us can testify by the slight bulge around our middles after the holidays. (Although this CNN report debunks the 10 pound weight gain average. It seems adults only gain slightly less than a pound…) Ha! Hand me a truffle, darling.

So there you have it! I think I’ve gained slightly less than a pound simply typing this out.

Thanks, Heather, for the blog hop fun!

Disclaimer: In no way am I suggesting you stress yourself out by rushing around making cocoa-on-a-stick, fancy cakes, or creating amazing infographs for your last minute Christmas cards! Do not do that! These are just a few of my favorite things pertaining to chocolate. Instead, sit down and eat a piece of chocolate. If you really need to try these things, put it on your calender for Valentine’s Day, the true chocolate lover’s holiday. (In which case, you will be totally ahead of sked and on the ball: “Planning 64 days in advance? Wow! You are really on top of things. You deserve a treat! How about a chocolate chip cookie?)


4 Responses to five things for friday, chocolate lover’s edition

  1. Ooh, I am going to have to try coconut milk! My little girl is allergic to milk and I hadn’t thought of using coconut milk in things… that is brilliant! Thanks for linking up this week, because I slacked off last week :)

    • Nicole says:

      We are a dairy free family as well. Coconut milk is really great. I like Thai Kitchen and full fat. It’s great in baking (it pairs especially well with chocolate)and we use it for the base for ice cream as well…

  2. Shauna says:

    I’m visiting from the blog hop. I stink at making cookies. Any suggestions?